First ten-day period of October to be crucial for winter planting campaign in Ukraine




Currently, most of areas designed for winter planting faced total absence of topsoil moisture in Ukraine. The situation could improve soon as the rains are expected, informed the press-service of NAAS on September 25.

“The moisture is totally absent across 70-80% of the territories designed for winter planting. Moisture content is insufficient across 30% of the territory. Only 10% of the area has sufficient moisture content”, - was stated in the message.

Extreme moisture deficit is observed not only in usually dry south and east but also in northwestern and central regions.

The soil moisture deficit restrains the progress of winter grains planting. The shift from the optimal planting window could have negative impact on wintering due to shorter autumn vegetation and result in poor development of plants.

Multiyear monitoring shows the precipitation probability at 81% in the first ten-day period of October. Farmers have to perform winter planting campaign at the greatest possible extent during this period.