Russian Grain Union cut wheat production forecast




Russian Grain Union cut Russian wheat production forecast for 2021/22 MY, said the Head of analytical department of the Union, Elena Turina to Interfax.

“We cut our forecast to 79-80 mln tonnes from previously expected 82.5-83 mln tonnes. It is 7% lower compared to 2020 (85.9 mln tonnes). Reduction of planted area under wheat, mostly winter wheat, is the main factor for downward revision of the production forecast”, - she said.

The overall reduction of planted area under wheat totaled 744 thsd ha in Russia, Rosstat says. Particularly, the area under spring wheat was extended by 577 thsd ha, while the area under winter wheat was narrowed by more than 1.3 mln ha to 15.4 mln ha. E.Turina added that the winter wheat accounted for most of the general production and its yield is almost two times higher compared to spring grain.

“Last year, winter wheat crop amounted to 63.2 mln tonnes, while the production of spring wheat was 22.7 mln tonnes. Thus, the share of winter wheat was as high as 74%. This year, the loss of winter grain is significant and the harvested area will be lower. That is why we cut our forecast”, - E.Turina said.

They cut wheat yield forecast to 2.81-2.83 t/ha. It was 2.98 t/ha in 2020.

The experts cut their forecast of barley production as well.

“The progress of barley harvesting is faster than the year ago. However, lower planted area and current yield say about the production close to 19.3-19.5 mln tonnes. It was 20.9 mln tonnes in 2020”, - E.Turina added.

Russian Grain Union cut its forecast of Russian grain production to 127-128 mln tonnes from 129-130 mln tonnes expected before.