Belarus harvested 6 mln tonnes of grain




As of August 20, Belarusian agrarians harvested grains and pulses (excluding corn) throughout 1.96 mln ha or 93.9% of the plan (2.084 mln ha), declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.

The production volumes reached 6.032 mln tonnes with the average yield of 3.08 t/ha.

Particularly, farmers harvested 2.42 mln tonnes of wheat with the yield of 3.75 t/ha throughout 646.6 thsd ha (93.8% of the plan), 1.12 mln tonnes of barley with the yield of 3.08 t/ha throughout 363.1 thsd ha (95.8%), 862.5 thsd tonnes of rye with the yield of 2.56 t/ha throughout 337.4 thsd ha (96.3%).

Belarusian agrarians harvested pulses throughout 106.9 thsd ha or 83.3% of the plan. The production volumes reached 255.3 thsd tonnes with the average yield of 2.39 t/ha.