Ukraine harvested more than 60 mln tonnes of grain




As of October 28, Ukrainian farmers harvested 60.7 mln tonnes of grains and pulses with the yield of 4.62 t/ha throughout 12.9 mln ha (81% of the plan), informs the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

Ukraine continues harvesting corn. Farmers harvested 15.6 mln tonnes of corn with the yield of 6.44 t/ha throughout 2.4 mln ha (44% of the plan).

Agrarians harvested 107.6 thsd tonnes of buckwheat with the yield of 1.32 t/ha throughout 81.6 thsd ha (98%) and 179 thsd tonnes of millet with the yield of 2.34 t/ha throughout 76.3 thsd ha (98%).

Additionally, agrarians harvested 13.5 mln tonnes of sunflower seed with the yield of 2.31 t/ha throughout 5.9 mln ha (90%), 3 mln tonnes of soybean with the yield of 2.65 t/ha throughout 1.2 mln ha (90%). 5oblasts have already completed sunflower seed harvesting and 8 oblast have done soybean reaping.

Besides, farmers harvested 7.7 mln tonnes of sugar beet throughout 164.6 thsd ha (73%).