Kazakhstan completed grain harvesting




Kazakhstan completed harvesting of grains and pulses, informed the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture.  

Grain crop totaled 16.4 mln tonnes with the average yield of 1.03 t/ha.

Particularly, in initial weight, the production of buckwheat increased by 76% to 80.8 thsd tonnes rye by 43%, corn for grain by 22.6%, pulses by 1.3%.

“New-crop grain is of high-quality. The share of 1-3 grade soft wheat totaled 90.5% out of the volume provided to the licensed cereal receiving points. It was 81.2% in 2020”, – the message says.

Additionally, the share of Hi-pro wheat is about 60% in the volume of 3-grade wheat.

“The production is enough to cover the internal demand for grain as well as to export certain volumes”, - they added.

The harvesting of oilseed crops is still underway. Farmers have already harvested 2.3 mln tonnes of oilseeds throughout 3 mln ha (96.6%).