Russia to extend planted areas under wheat, corn in 2022




In 2022, Russia will extend planted area under wheat by 818.1 thsd ha y/y to 29.535 mln ha, declared the Ministry of Agriculture, informed Интерфакс.

The planted area under corn will be widen by 34 thsd ha to 3.008 mln ha this year. Barley area will remain unchanged at 8.189 mln ha, while for rye the figure will be cut by 126.8 thsd ha to 917.6 thsd ha.

Additionally, Russian farmers will extend the areas under buckwheat by 54.1 thsd ha to more than 1 mln ha, rice – by 2.9 thsd ha to 190.4 thsd ha, millet – by 52.7 thsd ha to 353.2 thsd ha.

The total planted area under grains and pulses will be extended by 691.4 thsd ha to 47.998 mln ha in 2022.

Besides, the area under sugar beet will reach 1.071 mln ha, up 65.9 thsd ha y/y.

The overall planted area under agricultural crops will reach 81.3 mln ha, up by almost 1.4 mln ha y/y.