Prices of Ukrainian wheat decreased in some European countries – APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform, the bid prices of Ukrainian wheat for delivery to some European countries decreased last week.

Higher number of offers pressured the prices. Many importers were waiting for lower prices due to growing supply of new-crop grain. They also expected for higher number of offers on the world market amid unblocking of part of Ukrainian ports. Additionally, European farmers were not happy with flows of Ukrainian grain pressuring their local prices. At the same time, more severe logistics problems and growing transportation costs due to peak season in Europe slightly supported the prices.

The bid prices of 12.5% and feed wheat remained mainly stable at 290-300 and 270-280 EUR/t DAP Bulgaria, and they decreased to 270-285 and 255-265 EUR/t DAP Romania. The bid prices of 2-grade and 3-grade wheat totaled 290-310 and 270-290 EUR/t in Hungarian cities, they decreased to 325-340 and 315-330 EUR/t in Lithuanian cities.

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