Grain crop up by 30 mln tonnes y/y in Russia in 2022




As of November 9, Russia harvested 152.2 mln tonnes of grains and pulses (up by 30 mln tonnes y/y) from 45.3 mln ha with the average yield at 3.36 t/ha, the Ministry of Agriculture informed.

Farmers reaped 105 mln tonnes of wheat from 29.9 mln ha with the yield at 3.59 t/ha, 7.7 mln tonnes of corn from 1.3 mln ha with the yield of 5.57 t/ha, 869.2 thsd tonnes of rice from 152 thsd ha with the yield of 5.72 t/ha.

Moreover, agrarians harvested 11.5 mln tonnes of sunflower seed (6.3 mln ha; 1.82 t/ha), 4.6 mln tonnes of rapeseed (2.2 mln ha; 2.09 t/ha), 5.4 mln tonnes of soybean (2.9 mln ha; 1.88 t/ha).

Farmers harvested 37.8 mln tonnes of sugar beet from 814.8 thsd ha with yield at 46.41 t/ha.

Winter crops were planted throughout 17.5 mln ha (18.1 mln ha last year).