Ukraine: in 2011 grain production to total 55 mln tonnes, export potential - 27 mln tonnes – N.Prysiazhnyuk




In the current year, the general grain production in Ukraine will total 55 mln tonnes, which is the record index for the independent Ukraine, the export potential in the current marketing year is expected to reach 27 mln tonnes, declared Nikolai Prysiazhnyuk, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, on November 16.

He informed that taking into account grain reserves, which total 6.2 mln tonnes, and forecasted import volumes of 160 thsd tonnes, in 2011/12 MY grain reserve is expected to reach 60 mln tonnes, in the terms of the needs of the domestic market at the level of 26.7 mln tonnes.

In the terms of complete security of the domestic needs in grains and formation of the required carry-over stocks, the potential of grain exports in 2011/12 MY is estimated at the level of 27 mln tonnes, said N.Prysiazhnyuk.

In 2010/11 MY (July 2010 - June 2011) grain export from Ukraine totaled 12.037 mln tonnes, in 2009/10 MY - 21 mln tonnes, in 2008/09 MY - 24.5 mln tonnes.