Grain harvest in Russia is 11 mln tonnes lower y-o-y




As of October 20, Russia harvested 137.2 mln tonnes of grains and pulses (in bunker weight). This is 10.9 mln tonnes less than the figure for the same date in 2022, Interfax reports with reference to data from the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

At the same time, if the harvesting pace is slightly ahead of last year's (44.6 mln ha versus 44.5 mln ha in 2022), the average yield is significantly lower (3.08 t/ha versus 3.33 t/ha).

In particular, on the specified date, the harvest of wheat is estimated at 93.1 mln tonnes compared to 104.2 mln tonnes a year earlier. This is due to both a lower grain yield (3.26 t/ha versus 3.59 t/ha) and slower harvesting pace (28.5 mln ha versus 29.1 mln ha).

The barley production is 21.7 mln tonnes (24.3 mln tonnes in 2022), which were harvested from 7.8 mln ha with a yield of 2.8 t/ha. Also, corn harvest totaled 7.4 mln tonnes (5 mln tonnes) from 1.1 mln ha with a yield of 6.49 t/ha.

At the end of September, sunflower seed harvest was estimated at 13.2 (8) mln tonnes, from 7.2 mln ha with a yield of 1.83 t/ha. Rapeseed production reached 4.3 (4.4) mln tonnes, and soybeans – 5.5 (3.7) mln tonnes.

The planting area of winter crops exceeds last year's indicator – 16.3 mln ha against 15.8 mln ha.