Kazakhstan grain harvest is 99% complete, sunflower seed – 74%




In Kazakhstan, the harvesting of grains is almost complete, and sunflower seed is 74% done.

As the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture reports, citing data from akimats, as of November 21, 16.9 mln ha of grains (99.1%) were harvested in Kazakhstan. With an average yield of 9.7 q/ha, 16.5 mln tonnes of grain in original weight were threshed, including 11.5 mln tonnes of wheat from 13.5 mln ha, yield – 8.5 q/ha.

Farmers also harvested 2.2 mln ha of oilseeds or 78.3% of the total area. With an average yield of 8.5 q/ha, 1.8 mln tonnes of oilseeds were collected. In particular, sunflower seed was harvested from 845.7 thsd ha (74%). With an average yield of 11.2 q/ha, production reached 943.2 thsd tonnes.

The total harvested area of crops in 2023 amounted to 24 mln ha, which is 652 thsd ha more than in 2022. Including the grain harvesting area – 17.1 mln ha.

As APK-Inform clarified based on the official statistics, in 2022 in Kazakhstan the total harvest of grains and pulses amounted to 22.03 mln tonnes with an average yield of 13.8 q/ha. In particular, the wheat harvest reached 16.4 mln tonnes with an average yield of 12.8 q/ha.

The harvested area of oilseeds last year was 3.36 mln ha. In particular, 1.09 mln ha were planted with sunflower seeds. The oilseed production totaled 1.3 mln tonnes, with an average yield of 12 q/ha.