Ukraine harvested 62.5 mln tonnes of grain




As of November 30, farmers of Ukraine harvested 80.9 mln tonnes of main agricultural crops throughout 23.8 mln ha. They harvested grains and pulses throughout 15 mln ha or 98% of the planned area. The production volumes reached 62.5 mln tonnes, declared the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine.

Particularly, corn was harvested throughout 5.1 mln ha or 94% of the planned area. The production volumes reached 26.8 mln tonnes.

Soybean was harvested throughout 1.3 mln ha or 99% of the planned area. The output reached 2.8 mln tonnes.

Ukraine planted main winter crops throughout the areas of 8 mln ha (97% of the plan). Particularly, 81.6 thsd ha was planted during the last week.

- winter wheat was planted throughout 6.03 mln ha (99%);

- winter barley - 939.3 thsd ha (99%);

- winter rye - 123.9 thsd ha (93%);

- winter rapeseed - 880.4 thsd ha (87%).