Global sunflower seed crop to set new record - Atria Brokers




Is the weather assists, the global sunflower seed crop will set the new record in the new season, declared  the head of analytical department and broker at Atria Brokers, Kristina Serebryakova within the online conference Sunflower Seed&Oil: Trade. Barriers. Competition on May 12.

“The prices of all agricultural products have reached the highest level for the last 8-10 years. Therefore, the farmers are choosing what to plant - corn or sunflower seed. We expect the record high sunflower seed crop the next season”, - she explained.

K.Serebryakova says the sunflower seed production declined by 5 mln tonnes in 2020/21 MY. The deficit of the oilseed resulted in nearly double increase of prices in sunflower complex.

“The growth of prices will lead to wider planted area under sunflower seed in Russia, Ukraine and Romania. Is everything goes well, the global sunflower seed crop will increase by 7 mln tonnes to 57 mln tonnes”, - the experts forecasts.

Particularly, under the favorable weather, Ukraine will harvest the record high sunflower seed crop.