Sunflower seed yield is 20% lower than year ago so far in Ukraine




As of September 3, Ukrainian farmers harvested sunflower seed throughout 455 thsd ha (or 7% of the plan), down 24% compared to the same date year ago, informed the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine. Planted area under the oilseed totaled 6.4 mln ha (6 mln ha in 2019).

Production volume reached 700 thsd tonnes so far compared to 1.14 mln tonnes as of the same date in 2019 (down 39%).

The average yield is lower than year ago so far at 1.54 t/ha (1.91 t/ha as of the same date in 2019).

APK-Inform expects further growth of the average yield according to the multiyear sunflower seed yield trend. Moreover, decline of the yield will be partially offset by higher harvested area.