Russian wheat crop to exceed 82 mln tonnes - forecast




Analytical center at Rusagrotrans JSC revised Russian wheat crop forecast up by 0.6 mln tonnes to 82.5 mln tonnes, declared the Head of the center, Igor Pavensky on September 7. 

“The upward correction was based on higher than expected yield of wheat. This let to increase wheat crop forecast by 0.5 mln tonnes to 18.4 mln tonnes in Volga FD and by 0.6 mln tonnes to 8.4 mln tonnes in Siberia FD”, - the expert explained.

He said that the updated figure for Volga FD exceeds by 0.44 mln tonnes the historical record for this region achieved in 2017 (17.98 mln tonnes).

At the same time, the wheat crop forecast was revised down by 0.4 mln tonnes to 2.8 mln tonnes in Ural FD.

“We remain unchanged the forecast of other main grains production, barley - 20.7 mln tonnes, corn - 14 mln tonnes, other - 12.2 mln tonnes. Thus, the overall grain production will reach 129.4 mln tonnes in Russia in 2020”, - I.Pavensky summarized.