Weather promoted fast maturing of late crops in Ukraine in early September




Hot weather and small irregular precipitation were negative for late development of crops in Ukraine during the first ten-day period of September, declared the NAAS.

“Abovementioned factors promoted the fast maturing of sunflower seed, sorghum and other crops. Across some fields, the sparseness of winter rapeseed is observed even after the precipitation”, - the experts said.

Fast-growing varieties of corn reached a full-ripe stage.

“Late start of corn harvesting and its slow progress causes large crop losses. When harvesting is done within 10 days, crop losses could reach 4-4.5%, within 15 days - 5-6%, within 20 days - 7-10%, within 30 days - 17% and more. The moisture content of corn is 20-22% now, so it should be dried up to 13-14%”- they pointed out.

Fast-growing varieties of sunflower seed were matured by the end of the reporting period and the harvesting campaign started.