Ukraine produced 36 mln tonnes of grain so far




As of September 17, Ukrainian farmers harvested 43.2 mln tonnes of main agricultural crops throughout 13.6 mln ha. Particularly, agrarians harvested grains and pulses throughout 9.8 mln ha (64% of the plan), and production volumes reached nearly 36 mln tonnes ofgrain, declared the press-service of the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine referring to updated data of State Statistics Service on September 21.

According to the updated information, wheat production reached 25.1 mln tonnes, barley - 7.8 mln tonnes, peas - 516.2 thsd tonnes, rapeseed - 2.56 mln tonnes. The harvesting campaign of these crops has been completed.

Farmers harvested corn throughout 137.2 thsd ha (3% of the plan). Production volumes reached 668 thsd tonnes so far.

Agrarians harvested millet throughout 87.3 thsd ha (58% of the plan). Production volumes reached 155 thsd tonnes. Buckwheat was harvested throughout 42.8 thsd ha (46%). The output totaled 46.8 thsd tonnes (55%), output totaled 61.6 thsd tonnes.

Farmers harvested sunflower seed throughout 2.3 mln ha (36% of the plan). Production volume reached 4.07 mln tonnes. Soybean crop reached 596.5 thsd tonnes harvested throughout 290.2 thsd ha (22%).