Forecasted grain crop to be reached in Kazakhstan- Ministry of Agriculture




The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan expects that the forecasted grain production will be reached thus year (20.5 mln tonnes), informed the press-service of the Ministry.  

As of September 22, farmers harvested grains and pulses throughout more than 14.8 mln ha or 93.4% of the plan.

“With the average yield of 1.23 t/ha we have already produced 18.2 mln tonnes of grain. Thus, we have already achieved 18.5 mln tonnes forecasted by the Ministry in June”, - was stated in the message.

As there is 6.6% to be harvested yet, the updated forecast at 20.5 mln tonnes is likely to be reached fully.

“Anyway, the volume of grain produced so far will allow to cover fully the inner needs and export potential”, - was resumed in the message.