Wheat crop to be slightly higher than 84 mln tonnes in Russia - forecast




The analytical center at Rusagrotrans JSC revised its forecast of Russian wheat production up by 0.9 mln tonnes to 83.7 mln tonnes, declared the Head of the center, Igor Pavensky.

“The upward figure is only 2.4 mln tonnes lower than the record 86 mln tonnes harvested in 2017”, - the expert pointed out.

Particularly, wheat crop forecast  was revised for Siberian FD by 0.32 mln tonnes to 9 mln tonnes, Volga FD - by 0.23 mln tonnes to 18.7 mln tonnes, Ural FD - by 0.1 mln tonnes to 2.8 mln tonnes.

“High wheat crop amid good demand from importers allowed Russia to export record wheat volumes in August and September. Particularly, the country shipped abroad 4.9 mln tonnes of wheat in August, up 0.1 mln tonnes compared to the previous high of the month reached in 2018. In September, Russia exported 5.11 mln tonnes of wheat”, - I.Pavensky added.