Planted area under agricultural crops to extend and diversify in Kazakhstan in 2021 - Omarov




Overall planted area under agricultural crops will grew by 86.4 thsd ha to 22.7 mln ha in Kazakhstan in 2021, declared the Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, Saparkhan Omarov on February 6.

“We plan to extend planted area under oilseeds, feed crops as well as social crops as buckwheat and sugar beet. At the same time, the area under continuous crops and those requiring a lot of water, such as wheat, rice and cotton, will decline”, - the Minister said.

Planted area under wheat will decline by 134.5 thsd ha to 12.035 mln ha, under rice by 6.4 thsd ha to 97.6 thsd ha.

At the same time, planted area under oilseed crops will increase by 2 thsd ha to 2.9 mln ha, feed crop by 98 thsd ha to 3.39 mln ha, buckwheat by 19.8 thsd ha to 77.2 thsd ha, sugar beet by 0.9 thsd ha to 21.8 thsd ha.