Belarus to harvest 8.5 mln tonnes of grain in 2021




Farmers of Belarus will plant spring crops throughout 2.36 mln ha in 2021, including 742.6 thsd ha that will be planted with early grains and pulses, reported the Ministry of Agriculture of Belarus.

Farmers will plant corn for grain throughout 271.3 thsd ha, buckwheat - 31 thsd ha, millet - 7.5 thsd ha, spring rapeseed - 34.1 thsd ha, pulses - 313.4 thsd ha, sugar beet - 97 thsd ha.

Belarus will harvest 8.545 mln tonnes of grain both winter and spring, including 6.57 mln tonnes of feed grain. Rapeseed crop will reach 714 thsd tonnes, sugar beet - 5 mln tonnes.