Russia harvested record volume of 3-grade wheat in 2020




In 2020, Russia harvested a record volume of 3-grade wheat, declared the head of the Federal State-Funded Institution "Federal Centre of Quality and Safety Assurance for Grain", Yulia Koroleva on March 1.

«Production of 3-grade wheat exceeded 28 mln tonnes in standard weight. Its share in total wheat crop was 33%, up from average annual 28%», - the expert said.

The overall share of soft milling wheat (1-4 grades) totaled 72.5% in 2020, down from 78.9% in 2019.

«However, the general production of soft milling wheat reached the record 61.9 mln tonnes, up from the previous high of 58.3 mln tonnes harvested in 2017», - she added.