Ukraine started spring planting campaign




Ukraine has started planting campaign of early spring grains and pulses. As of March 25, farmers of Kherson, Donetsk, Zakarpatska and Mykolaiv oblasts planted spring crops throughout the areas of 106.3 thsd ha, or 1% of the forecast, declared the press-service of the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture, on March 29.

“Particularly, agrarians of Kherson oblasts planted spring crops throughout 97.6 thsd ha (58%), including 84.1 thsd ha (89%) planted with barley, 9.9 thsd ha with peas, 1.82 thsd ha with wheat and 1.75 thsd ha with oats”, - the message says.

Preliminary, the planted area under agricultural crops of the harvest-2021 will reach 28.1 mln ha in all categories of Ukrainian agricultural households, up by 378 thsd ha compared to the last year.

“The planted area under grain crops will reach 15.5 mln ha or 55% in the overall structure that will be in line with the normal ratio of crops in rotation. The planted area under spring grain crops will reach 7.6 mln ha, sunflower seed - 6.4 mln ha, soybean - 1.4 mln ha, sugar beet - 223 thsd ha”, - they added.