3 oblasts of Belarus hit planting targets




As of April 19, Belarusian agrarians planted early grains and pulses throughout the areas of 618.7 thsd ha, or 83.9% of the plan (737.1 thsd ha), declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.

In particular, 3 oblasts have already reached the planned figures. Brest oblast planted early grains and pulses throughout 110 thsd ha (100%), Grodno oblast — 117.4 thsd ha (107.3%), Gomel oblast — 114.8 thsd ha (107.9%). Minsk oblast planted early crops throughout 150.4 thsd ha (90.8%), Mogilev oblast — 72.3 thsd ha (61.6%), and Vitebsk oblast — 54.7 thsd ha (38.5%).

The year ago, early grains and pulses were planted throughout the areas of 762.1 thsd ha (88.5%).

Farmers planted sugar beet throughout 29.4 thsd ha (32.5%), spring rapeseed — 7.44 thsd ha (18.8%).

In addition, agrarians applied additional fertilizers to winter grains throughout 1.34 mln ha, or 95.6% of the plan.