Ukraine harvested 50 mln tonnes of grain




As of October 7, Ukrainian farmers harvested 49.4 mln tonnes of grains and pulses with the yield of 4.41 t/ha throughout 11.2 mln ha, informs the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

All oblasts of Ukraine continue harvesting corn. Farmers harvested 4.17 mln tonnes of corn with the yield of 5.3 t/ha throughout 14.4% of the plan.

Agrarians harvested 86.4 thsd tonnes of buckwheat with the yield of 1.32 t/ha throughout 78% of the plan and 160 thsd tonnes of millet with the yield of 2.32 t/ha throughout 88% of the plan.

Additionally, agrarians harvested 8.75 mln tonnes of sunflower seed with the yield of 2.27 t/ha throughout 59% of the area, 1.49 mln tonnes of soybean with the yield of 2.54 t/ha throughout 46% of the area.