Belarus started harvesting corn




Belarus has started harvesting corn for grain, Belta reports with reference to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Farmers harvested 2.8 thsd ha of corn for grain with production amounted to 22.4 thsd tonnes with an average yield at 8.02 t/ha. Rapeseed was reaped from 352.5 thsd ha (98.3%) with crop at 888 thsd tonnes and yield at 2.52 t/ha. Farmers of Belarus harvested 8.186 mln tonnes of grain in total, excluding rapeseed.

As of September 12, farmers harvested grains and pulses (including corn) from 2.157 mln ha (86.9%).

Moreover, farmers reaped 19.8 thsd tonnes of millet from 8.77 thsd ha (75.2%), 32.7 thsd tonnes of buckwheat from 24.1 thsd ha (69.7%).