Next season the production of oilseeds in Ukraine will increase by almost 1.5 mln tonnes - Ukroliyaprom




The total harvest of key oilseeds in Ukraine in 2023/24 MY may amount to 19.484 mln tonnes, up by 8.1% (1.467 mln tonnes) year-on-year (18.018 mln tonnes in 2022/23 MY), forecasted the Ukroliyaprom association.

The key factor of production growth will be the expansion of the planting area – to almost 8.74 mln ha (+11.7% y-o-y), while the average yield of oilseeds will decrease slightly – by 3%, to 22,3 q/ha.

In particular, sunflower seed production is expected to grow by 6.5% to 11.813 mln tonnes. The planting area will increase to 5.668 mln ha (+9.7%), while the yield will decrease to 20.8 q/ha (-3.3%).

Rapeseed planting area will reach 1.345 mln ha (+20.2%) in 2023/24 MY, and the harvest is expected at 3.564 mln tonnes (+9%) with an average yield of 26.5 q/ha (-9.3%).

The largest increase in production in percentage terms is expected for soybeans – by 12.2% y-o-y, up to 4.07 mln tonnes, due to an increase in the planting area (by 11.9%, to 1.726 mln ha) and a slight increase in oilseed yield (by 0.4%, to 23.8 q/ha).