Kazakh farmers have already harvested 2.8 mln tonnes of grain – Ministry of Agriculture




To date, Kazakhstan harvested 2.8 mln tonnes of grains with an average yield of 1.15 t/ha. The harvested area of grains and pulses totaled 2.4 mln ha (14.1% of the plan). These data were reported by the Minister of Agriculture Yerbol Karashukeev at a government meeting on August 22.

This year, the total harvested area of agricultural crops in Kazakhstan is 24 mln ha, of which 17.4 mln ha under grains.

“According to the regional akimats, 45.1% of grains are in good condition, 46% – satisfactory and 7.5% – poor. At the same time, 181 thsd ha or less than 1% of grains crops were lost, mainly in the Pavlodar region. This figure is below the long-term average of 2.4%. For comparison, in 2021, which was also considered dry, 3.8% of crops died,” the head of the Ministry of Agriculture noted.

Due to the low water supply from Kyrgyzstan, about 7.8 thsd ha were affected in the Zhambyl region, including 1.2 thsd ha of sugar beet crops. At the moment, work is underway to declare a regional emergency and cover the costs of farmers, accelerated payment of subsidies from the republican budget in full and prolongation of loans, the minister added.

The total capacity of elevators in Kazakhstan amounts to 29.9 mln tonnes, which is enough to store the projected crop, taking into account carry-over stocks from previous years.