UAC significantly increased the forecast of grains and oilseeds harvest in Ukraine




This year's Ukrainian harvest will be higher than last year's in terms of some crops. This was reported by the Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Agrarian Council, Denis Marchuk.

"The current harvest has already exceeded expectations, although the corn harvesting campaign is just beginning. Ukraine can harvest a total of about 80 mln tonnes, we already have high soybean harvest rates, and the sunflower harvest has increased," said D. Marchuk.

In July’s report, the UAC forecasted the harvest of grains and oilseeds at the level of 66-68 mln tonnes.

However, the expert noted that the well-being of producers will depend on the opportunity to export grain. Farmers need funds for autumn planting. More than 700,000 ha have already been planted with winter crops for the 2024 harvest, the UAC said.

According to D. Marchuk, Ukrainian agriproducts export achieved good results in August despite all the obstacles.

"Even in the conditions of the blockade of the Odesa ports, traffic through the Danube ports does not stop. In the last 5 days, the infrastructure of the Danube has been shelled 4 times, and this leads to an increase in the cost of ship freight. Despite everything, Ukraine managed to export 2.6 mln tonnes of agricultural products in August through the Danube ports, and the total export amounted to more than 4 mln tonnes – these are good indicators," noted the deputy head of the UAC.

He added that thanks to the work of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ukraine still has a humanitarian corridor on the Black Sea.

"If this channel continues to develop positively, we will be able to export about 1 mln tonnes in this direction. If the Danube stops, it will be a very big loss for Ukraine, as the potential of exporting Ukrainian agricultural products through river ports is more than 3 mln tonnes. Railway and road routes remain alternatives, but even there we have restrictions from the EU", D. Marchuk stressed.

In his opinion, there is a possibility of a unilateral prolongation of bans on the import of Ukrainian products by Poland.

Another alternative for Ukrainian exports is the involvement of the ports of the Adriatic and Baltic Seas. Currently, it is expected that the EU will provide compensation for the transport costs of Ukrainian farmers.