The grain harvesting in Kazakhstan is almost twice as low as last year




To date, Kazakhstan harvested grains through 6.9 mln ha, which is 40% of the plan. At an average yield of 0.95 t/ha, 6.6 mln tonnes of grain were collected. Last year, on the same date, 11.6 mln tonnes, or 72.8%, were harvested, Minister of Agriculture Aidarbek Saparov said at a government meeting on September 19.

He clarified that the total harvesting area of grains and pulses in the current year is 17.3 mln ha.

"Prolonged rains in the main grain-producing regions, which lasted more than 3 weeks, affected the crops and caused the deterioration of grain quality, its germination, as well as low yield of grains in general," said the head of the ministry.

Currently, the equipment has massively entered the fields in all regions, and the harvest has continued.