The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine continues to boost the grain and oilseed crop forecast




The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine once again updated the forecast for grain and oilseed production. This was reported by the press service of the ministry on October 2.
"Weather factors remain favorable and allow to increase the production forecast to 79.1 million tonnes. In particular, this year, Ukrainian farmers can harvest about 57.5 million tonnes of grain and 21.6 million tonnes of oilseeds," the message states.
At the same time, the total area of spring and winter grain crops this year was 980 thsd ha less than last year, and amounted to 10.895 million ha, the weather conditions contributed to an almost record yield (up to 52.1 t/ha), which allows to significantly increase the volume of production.
"In 2023, farmers will be able to collect wheat at 21.7 million tonnes, barley - 5.7 million tonnes, corn - 28.5 million tonnes," the ministry specified.
Production of oilseeds will reach 21.6 million tonnes. In particular, the sunflower harvest is forecast at 13 million tonnes. Also, farmers will harvest a record amount of rapeseed in recent years - 4 million tonnes. The production level of soybeans is 4.6 million tonnes.
Also, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy was reminded that at the beginning of spring this year the total harvest of grain and oilseed crops was forecast at 63.5 million tonnes, which was 13% less compared to 2022. In June, after the start of the harvest, the forecast was increased to 68 million tonnes (-7% y-o-y). At the beginning of September, thanks to favorable weather conditions, there was every reason for another increase in the harvest forecast - up to 76.7 million tonnes.