10% of corn is yet to be harvested in Ukraine




As of December 21, Ukraine harvested grains and pulses from 10.51 mln ha (96% of the forecast). The tidal production amounted to 57.86 mln tonnes, with an average yield at 5.51 t/ha. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine with reference to operational information on the progress of the harvesting campaign.

As of the reporting date, corn harvesting remains underway, covering 3.57 mln ha (88% of the forecast). The total production volume has reached 27.62 mln tonnes, with a yield of 7.73 t/ha. Notably, over the week, the grain harvest increased by just over 26.000 tonnes.

Regarding the harvesting of oilseeds, as of December 21, the sunflower seed harvest reached 11.98 mln tonnes from 5.01 mln ha (99%), with a yield of 2.39 t/ha.

In addition, sugar beet harvesting was carried out on 248.6 thsd ha (99% of the forecast), of which 11.86 mln tonnes were harvested with a yield of 47.7 t/ha.