Ukraine prolonged the restrictions on the imports of Russian goods until 2020




The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to extend the effect of the ban on imports of a number of goods from the Russian Federation, until December 31, 2020. The corresponding decree #605 "On amendments to the decree #1147 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dd. December 30, 2015" dd. July 5, 2019, was published on the official governmental portal.

In particular, the Government prolonged the effect of the resolution that introduced the ban on the imports of Russian food (dairy products, tea, coffee, beer, and alcoholic drinks), cosmetic products for personal hygiene (shampoos, shower gels, soap), products of the chemical industry for agriculture (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, rodenticides), potassium chloride, animal feedstuff, as well as railway equipment (locomotives, rail cars and track equipment), etc.

The document reported that the imports of goods from the list and their customs clearance are allowed at the sum of the advance payment made by market participants of Ukraine for delivery of such goods, if the specified advance payment was realized before introduction of the ban, applied by the reporting decree, and on terms of the preliminary receipt of documented confirmation of realization of such advance payment by the State Fiscal Service from banking institutions on the address of the Ukrainian market participant.