USDA experts held a working meeting with APK-Inform analysts




On July 16, 2019 during crop-tour in Ukraine crop assessment specialist from the FAS USDA, Katie McGaughey, held a working meeting with the analysts of APK-Inform Agency. In terms of the meeting, the experts discussed the features of the grains and oilseeds crops formation in Ukraine in 2019. In particular, the experts focused on the high unevenness of weather development on the territory of Ukraine in May-July of 2019 and its consequences for the future crops.

The experts of the USDA informed their updated forecasts (for July 2019) of the production of grains and oilseeds in Ukraine. In particular, the production of wheat is expected to reach 29 mln tonnes, corn — 34 mln tonnes, barley — 8.5 mln tonnes, sunflower seed — 14.8 mln tonnes, soybeans — 3.8 mln tonnes, and rapeseed — 3.9 mln tonnes.

The grain market analyst of APK-Inform Agency, Andrei Kupchenko reported that considering the unevenness of the weather development and the risks of the shrinked grain formation and diseases development, the production of wheat in Ukraine in 2019 is to reach 27.5 mln tonnes, with the average yield at 4.28 t/ha.

The oilseeds market analyst of APK-Inform Agency, Julia Ivanitskaya reported that the analysis of the operative data received during the harvesting campaign showed lower rapeseed yield than previously expected. As a result, in July the forecast of rapeseed production decreased to 3.4 mln tonnes, with the average yield at 2.61 t/ha, which is still the record level.