Legislation update

June 3 2014, 10:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1620

Ukraine has to reduce the tax burden on transport operators and vessels

Ukraine has to make some changes to the legislation of the country, in order to provide the further development of river transportation infrastructure, declared Yuri Skichko, Director of Hermes-Trading, on May 30 within Maritime Days in Odessa.

According to him, the authorities should simplify the procedure of transition of vessels under the flag of Ukraine in the Law "On International Shipping Register of Ukraine", in order to cancel the customs duties burden when purchasing cargo ships and barges, and reduce the tax burden on transport operators and the vessels flying the flag of Ukraine.

As for the Law "On Inland Waterways", the expert noted that it is necessary to specify the legal status of the river ports, terminals, berths, port operators and other objects of the port infrastructure, determine the order of investments, lease, concession of the reporting objects, allow to foreign-flag vessels to work with the GDP on a free basis, etc.


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