Legislation update

June 6 2014, 12:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 2193

Ukrmorrechinspektsiya worked out the draft decree to close the Crimean ports

The State Inspection of Ukraine on Security of Maritime and River Transport (Ukrmorrechinspektsiya) worked out the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which proposes to temporarily close the sea ports in the Crimea, due to inability to provide security of navigation at the peninsula, informed Pavel Bulanovich, Head of the Inspection, on June 6.

To date the State Inspection can not ensure the safety of navigation in the Crimea, at the territory of five Crimean ports, including the terminals, which realize loading and unloading operations. Therefore, the department provided draft documents for temporary closure of all ports and the port infrastructure of the Crimea, P.Bulanovich said.

At the same time, P.Bulanovich noted that to date the draft document passes the process of consensus building. On May 28 the State Inspection already served it to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


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