Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine resumed publishing export data




The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine announced the data on exports of grain for the first times since the start of the Russian military aggression. Since the start of 2021/22 MY (July 1) and as of April 27, Ukraine has exported 45.709 mln tonnes of grains and pulses. In April, Ukraine has exported 763 thsd tonnes of grains and pulses.

The total included 18.514 mln tonnes of wheat (115 thsd tonnes in April), 5.668 mln tonnes of barley (25 thsd tonnes in April), 161.9 thsd tonnes of rye (no exports in April) and 21.064 mln tonnes of corn (622 thsd tonnes in April).

Ukraine has exported 69.4 thsd tonnes of flour so far in 2021/22 MY (0.5 thsd tonnes in April), including 67.9 thsd tonnes of wheat flour (0.5 thsd tonnes in April).