In 2020/21 MY, Ukraine to harvest less than 93 mln tonnes of grains and oilseeds — UGA




The Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA) forecasted the harvest of grains and oilseeds in Ukraine in 2020/21 MY at the level of 92.6 mln tonnes (estimations of the general harvest in 2019/20 MY total 98.3 mln tonnes), and the exports — 55.6 mln tonnes (59.9 mln tonnes), declared the Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA), on March 2.

According to the Association, the slight decreasing of the forecast of grains and oilseeds production in 2020 does not change the upward trend of three recent years, when Ukraine harvested more than 90 mln tonnes per year. In the medium term, the general harvest of agricultural products in Ukraine will reach 100 mln tonnes and continue growing.

The forecast of grains and oilseeds production for 2020 decreased, due to reduction of the planted areas under grains and oilseeds (down almost 0.5 mln ha compared with last year — to 25 mln ha), and rather warm weather conditions in the winter, which increases the risk of grain damaging by fungi and rodents, the UGA experts explained.

In particular, the UGA analysts expected for wheat production in 2020/21 MY at almost the same level as last year — 28.8 mln tonnes (in 2019/20 MY — 28.2 mln tonnes), barley — 7.96 mln tonnes (9 mln tonnes), and corn — 34.3 mln tonnes (35.2 mln tonnes), as well as they forecasted the decline of sunflower seed production to 14.3 mln tonnes (16.3 mln tonnes), and rapeseed — 3.15 mln tonnes (3.31 mln tonnes).