Kazakhstan banned the exports of flour and sunflower oil




The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan imposed the ban on the exports of certain types of food products, in particular wheat flour, sunflower seed and sunflower oil. The Ministerial decree #103 dd. March 22, 2020, signed by the Minister of Agriculture, Saparkhan Omarov, and published on the website of the Official publication of laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan in electronic form, fixed the situation.

In particular, the authorities imposed the measures, in accordance with the subparagraph 2) of the paragraph 2 of the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan #287 dd. March 16, 2020, "On the further stabilization measures", and will extend for the period of the state of emergency in the country (until April 15).

In addition, the list of products banned for exports includes buckwheat, white sugar, potatoes and certain types of vegetables.

The decree comes into effect from the date of its signature.