Kazakhstan can cancel the export restrictions on agricultural products in June — Ministry of Agriculture




The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan plans to cancel the current restrictions on the exports of agricultural products, including wheat and wheat flour, since June 1, 2020, declared the Minister of Agriculture, Saparkhan Omarov.

Of course, all imposed regulating measures in the form of bans and quotas are not infinite, but have temporary nature. To date, the country started simplifying the quarantine measures in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic, which means that the standard trade turnover will gradually restore, and the authorities should respond dynamically. Therefore, it is planned to remove all previously imposed restrictions on the exports of grains and flour, as well as other foodstuffs, since June 1, S.Omarov said.

The Minister added that there are a number of reasons for making such decision. First, the imposed bans and quotas gave their results, and the country came closer to the harvesting campaign of new crop grains and neutralized the risks of the food security. There are nearly 3 months left until the new crop grains come on the market, and Kazakhstan has the reserve stocks of grains at the level of more than 500 thsd tonnes, stored in elevators of JSC National Company Food Contract Corporation.

In addition, S.Omarov added that due to the timely measures, the stabilization funds of the regions have the required stocks of flour and other foodstuffs. Also, storehouses of retail facilities and agricultural processing enterprises have their stocks.

Another factor is the beginning of the planting campaign in the main grain-growing regions, farmers already provided all preparatory works, and accumulation of the moisture content is quite sufficient. RSE Kazhydromet forecasted the average temperature regime and the sufficient precipitation depth in the reporting oblasts, in June-August. The reporting factors make it possible to forecast the harvest in the current year that completely ensures the food security of the country, the Minister concluded.