Kazakhstan to impose export quotas on sunflower seed, oil




The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan has developed a draft decree on implementation of quotas on export of sunflower seed and sunflower oil. Currently, the document is being approved by the Ministry of Justice, ElDala news agency reported on 24 August.

The draft decree "On some issues of the export of certain goods from the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan" provides for quantitative restrictions on the export of sunflower seeds.

According to sources, the draft decree provides for the imposition of a monthly quota in the volume of 15 thsd tonnes for export of sunflower seeds and 32 thsd tonnes for export of sunflower oil. The restrictions will be valid until February 1, 2022.

Kazakhstan banned feed export on August 23. Additionally, the country will implement quotas on export of feed grain and meals/cakes starting from September 1.