Grain Market Weekly Report: Russia & Ukraine (01/30/2006 - 02/05/2006)




Russian domestic market situation

Wheat and maize markets growing; barley stable.

Ukrainian domestic market situation

Situation on the milling wheat market was diverse. Ambiguity into the price formation was brought about by different crop survival forecasts.

An increase in offer of feed wheat was registered during the week. Exporting companies having cargo departure deadlines close at hand have increased the bids.

Feed maize remained the most wanted of the feed grains group.

Export market situation (CIS region)

On the export market in the ports of Russia during the week the most wanted grain was milling wheat. The prices in ports were increasing.

On the export grains market in the ports of Ukraine the prices were increasing. The most demand grain was feed maize. The companies’ experts were noting virtually full absence of offers of milling wheat.

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