Oilseeds Market Weekly Report: Russia & Ukraine (07/24/2006 - 07/31/2006)




Russian domestic market situation

Demand for sunflower seeds remained low, typically for off-season.

Trade-purchasing activity on the market of rapeseeds was not noticed.

A slight price increase for crude sunoil was noticed in South region.

The market of sunmeal was unchanged.

Ukrainian domestic market situation

During the last week the quantity of offers for sunflower decreased sufficiently.

Market of crude sunoil during the last week was characterized by price stability due to reducing of oil offers to the domestic market.

Market of rape was the most active one. Due to high demand for rape the market noticed increasing of prices.

Some processors declared about stable demand for sunmeal that resulted in price increasing.

Export market situation (Russia + Ukraine)

Situation on the export market of crude sunoil in the Russian ports was stable.

Situation on the export market of crude sunoil in the Ukrainian ports was stable.

Export market of meal on DAF terms remained unchanged.

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