Oilseeds Market Weekly Report: Russia & Ukraine (18/09/2006 – 22/09/2006)




Russian domestic market

Market of sunflower seeds kept unstable price situation in the Southern region

Number of offers of crude sunoil continued increasing as a result of gradual set in operation of the plants

More offers of suncake caused prices decreasing

Ukrainian domestic market

Sunseeds market significantly livened up due to mass harvesting. Increase in number of offers on the market caused decrease in domestic prices

In spite of rise in processing volumes of sunflower and set in operation of some large plants prices for sunoil and meal remained high. It was explained by the fact that these products had been crushed from sunflower bought before at the higher prices

Due to lack of offers of sunmeal suncake was highly demanded that supported prices

Number of offers of soy slightly increased

Export market situation (Russia + Ukraine)

During the week the situation on the export market of crude sunoil in the ports of Russia remained stable. Prices in offers on purchasing of sunoil on FOB basis were unchanged

The situation on the export market of crude sunoil in the ports of Ukraine remained the same as a week ago. Conclusion of new foreign contracts was minimal

Rape was highly demanded, As a result purchasing prices increased

There were no significant changes on export market of sunmeal on DAF basis

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