Oilseeds Market Weekly Report: Russia & Ukraine (09/10/2006 –13/10/2006)




Russian domestic market

South Region noticed positive correction of prices for sunflower seeds.

Trade-purchasing activity on the market of crude sunoil was low. 

The market of sunmeal was stable enough.

Ukrainian domestic market

Due to reducing of purchasing activity on the market of sunflower seeds, prices continued reducing.

The market of crude sunoil kept on bearish price tendency. Demand was minimal.

During the last week, the market of sunmeal noticed the tendency of rice reducing.

Because of increased number of offers of new crop soy, this sector of the market remained active.

Export market situation (Russia + Ukraine)

During the week, the situation on the export market of crude sunoil in Russian ports remained mainly stable. 

The export market of crude sunoil in the Ukrainian ports noticed the bearish price tendency. Trade-purchasing activity was low.

Belarusian companies were interested in buying Ukrainian sunmeal. At that they declared reduced purchasing prices for meal.

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