For beginners to be interested in the agricultural business and trade in natural products, fresh information and analytics about this sector of the economy is necessary. Using the leading specialized publications and electronic information portals, an understanding of the market and its development trends and further expansion comes.
APK Inform is an information and analytical agency that offers objective information about the agricultural business markets. We collect and analyze data from over 100,000 companies worldwide. To ensure its reliability, not only primary information is processed, but also secondary data in the global market.

Agricultural market

One of the components of the agricultural sectors of the general economy of any country is the agricultural market. It ensures the development of social production, performing a number of important economic functions. The main ones are:

  • stabilization of pricing policy for agricultural products;
  • ensuring the receipt of profit by all normally operating enterprises;
  • acting as a regulator of agricultural production, it informs about the demand and supply for the products of commodity producers;
  • stimulation of production efficiency by rationalizing the use of material resources;
  • develops relationships between the phases of production.

The agro-industrial complex market of Ukraine is in second place in Europe, which satisfies domestic demand for all types of products.

Agricultural market from APK-Inform

Despite the sectoral problems, the agricultural market of Ukraine is economically promising and dynamically developing. To invest in this sector of the economy and understand the risks, it is necessary to have complete information. The APK-Inform website contains the necessary analytics:

  • characterization of the general state of the sector;
  • economic performance indicators of agribusiness;
  • investment climate in the agro-industrial complex;
  • conjuncture of prices for seasonal sales of agricultural products;
  • analysis of the state of crop production;
  • the state of the market of grain, oilseeds;
  • seasonal volumes of grown sugar beets, potatoes, vegetables and fruit and berry crops;
  • the main problems and prospects of the country's farmers.

Using fresh analytics and data, the investor, as well as the owner of an agricultural enterprise, will secure investments in this sector of the economy. Reliable and up-to-date information is the key to making the right decisions.