Ukrainian seaports cut shipments of oilseeds and by-products by 8% in April




According to the monitoring of APK-Inform, in the period of April 1-30, 2021, the export volumes of oilseeds and by-products from the Ukrainian seaports totaled 619 thsd tonnes, down by 8.3% compared with the previous month volumes (675 thsd tonnes, taking into account the updated figures).

The shipment volumes of sunflower seed and by-products formed the major share in the structure of supplies and totaled 560 thsd tonnes, including 337 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil (down by 2%), 223 thsd tonnes of sunflower meal (down by 15%). There was no export of sunflower seed in April (31 thsd tonnes shipped in March).

Export of soybean and by-products totaled 59 thsd tonnes (up by 1.6 times). Export of soybean totaled 56 thsd tonnes (up by 1.6 times), soybean meal - 3 thsd tonnes (same as in March). There was no export of soybean oil in April.

There were no shipments of rapeseed and by-products in April.

China (148.7 thsd tonnes), India (126.1 thsd tonnes) and the Netherlands (75 thsd tonnes) were the main destination for Ukrainian oilseeds and by-products in April.

In 2020/21 MY, the Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port (4 mln tonnes) was the leader in the exports of oilseeds and by-products. The Chornomorsk Commercial Sea Port (1.98 mln tonnes) and Pivdennyj Sea Port (1.1 mln tonnes) took the second and third positions respectively.