Ukraine: weather impact on agricultural crops in the first ten days of March 2020




The first ten-day period of March 2020 became unique in terms of the extremely high air temperature. On the warmest days, the average daily temperature exceeded the standard by 14-17°C. In the eastern part of the country, deviations of the average ten-day air temperature from the standard reached +10-12.5°C, in the western part — +5-9°C. Ukraine has never faced before the reporting level of the average ten-day air temperature in early March. It was very warm in the first ten-day period of March 2017 (temperature deviation of 7.7°C), 2016 (deviation — 7.4°C), 2002 (deviation — 6.6°C), 1999 (deviation — 6.4°C), and 1995 (deviation — 8.4°C). However, the average ten-day temperature has never once exceeded the standard by more than 10°C.

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