Soil drought observed across 30% Ukrainian territory – Ukrhydrometcenter




As of late August, soil drought was observed across about 30% of an area that was more that the last year. Soil temperature was 3-5°С higher than the multiyear average across most of the territory of Ukraine, Ukrhydrometcenter informed.

In the third ten-day period of August, there was no replenishment of soil moisture due to the absence of precipitations. Fields designed for winter planting of the harvest-2023 were poorly hydrated, or dry in many regions of eastern and southern Ukraine.  

In western Ukraine, unusually high temperatures of air and soil were observed.

Rapeseed planting was carried out under quite difficult conditions. Usually, optimal window for rapeseed planting closes in early September. Soil moisture content was sufficient only across some areas of western and northern regions.