Since January 16, registration fee for the conference "AgroResurcy - 2012" to increase by 25%




APK-Inform Agency continues preparation works for realization of the second international conference "AgroResurcy - 2012: ways of increase of agroindustrial profitability", to be held on February 9, 2012, in the exhibition "InterAgro 2012" (Kiev, exhibition center "KievExpoPlaza").

Please note that according to the conditions of participation, after January 15 the registration fee will increase by 25%.

If you still do not register for participation in the conference "AgroResurcy - 2012", you need to go to the following link and fill in the application form.

We remind you that profitability of crop production in Ukraine to be the key theme of the conference.

Within frames of the conference analysts of APK-Inform Agency will provide the presentation titled "Estimation of profitability and prospects for production of the basic grains and oilseeds". The presentation is based on the results of the study "Profitability of agricultural crop production in Ukraine".

Participants of the conference will be able to purchase the full version of the study at the discount of 20%.

Also within frames of the conference the following themes will be highlighted: prospects of Ukrainian agricultural production in the terms of rising global demand for food; development policy of the agricultural sector and cancellation of the moratorium on selling of land of agricultural destination in Ukraine; interaction of international financial institutions and development agencies with Ukrainian agricultural producers; role of technologies in improving of productivity of agricultural crops; marketing and distribution: conclusions for large-scale agricultural producers and consequences of international trade transactions; forecast of grains and oilseeds production in 2012, price trends of the second half of the season-2011/12; vegetable market of Ukraine: current situation and development prospects, etc.

The organizing committee provides more detailed information on the conference:

+380 562 320795 (multichannel)

+380 562 321595

Elena Nikitina (ext.115)

[email protected]